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What are the risks in using a virtual law practice?

There are no risks FiXitLaw operates in the same way as does a traditional high street solicitors’ practice.

What are the advantages of using a virtual law practice?

Lower bills, faster service. With no expensive offices and related overheads, no junior staff, PAs or secretaries, your work is done directly by a senior solicitor, with five years’ or more professional experience. This makes the process simpler and quicker.

When will you start to charge?

A preliminary free discussion is held to ensure that both you and the lawyer are comfortable working together. We consider this initial exploratory meeting or telephone call to be an important part of client liaison. Only when we have quoted a price and you have accepted it, do we start charging for work. 

Can I meet my solicitor face-to-face?

Yes, of course. You may arrange to meet at our remote arranged offices or at a location suitable to you. Because Fixitlaw operates countrywide, we can often source a local specialist in your area.

How long has FiXitLaw been operating?

FiXitLaw was set up in 2020 when its founder, Adetunji Adeoye Esq, realised that by using modern communications technology and a different law firm structure, he could better serve his clients.

Isn’t every law practice turning virtual?

Many solicitors have come to the same conclusion as Adetunji and, yes, virtual law is increasing. However, there is still a surprisingly low number of legal practices that are truly virtual.

How do you select FiXitLaw lawyers?

FiXitLaw only recruits specialist solicitors because we want our clients to receive the best possible service. No lawyer is accepted into the FiXitLaw network until they have completed at least five years of professional practice. After an initial vetting procedure, we meet and interview our solicitors and obtain references from practices and organisations for which they’ve previously worked. Our reputation depends upon our selection procedure and it is extremely important to FiXitLaw that our solicitors have the right values and ethics as well as appropriate expertise and sufficient experience.

What if you don’t have the right specialist in your network?

If FiXitLaw cannot connect you with the right lawyer for your task from within our network, we will help you to source the expertise that you need from elsewhere. We have access to professional information which we will be happy to share with you – at no cost – to ensure that even if you aren’t working with a FiXitLaw solicitor, you are working with one who will give the best possible service at the least cost.

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