Sports Law

Our Sports law team is comprised of lawyers that also happen to be sports enthusiasts. Nigeria being such a renowned soccer loving nation, blessed with immense natural talent, our team makes it our prerogative to be on top of all matters relating to the game of soccer in general.

Members of the team are well versed in FIFA Rules as well as the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) rules. In the course of our duties, we have had course to review standard football contracts across different leagues, from time to time. The team has highly skilled negotiators who are able to conciliate very attractive deals for clients. We are also involved in all legal aspects of the creative process for sports branding and merchandising.

In the course of our duties we provide legal advisory services on a regular basis in the following areas:

  • Preparation and review of contracts in general (including Professional Service Contracts, Endorsement Contracts, Appearance Contracts and Exclusive Contracts);
  • Representation Agreements and Multiple Representation Agreements;
  • Standard Player Contracts;
  • Contracts with Minors/legal guardians (usually in the form of an Agreement to contract);
  • Negotiation of contract terms and negotiations in general;
  • Tax advisory services; and
  • Mediation

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